Sociocracy 3.0 Practitioner Level 2:

Facilitation Masterclass

A 3 day in-person learning journey, to increase your confidence and improve your facilitation skills.
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Develop skills and competence to effectively guide group processes and elicit the creativity and wisdom of all.

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Learning Facilitators: James Priest & Lili David

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Level: 2 (advanced)

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Duration: 3 days

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Schedule: 09:00 - 17:30

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Transformational training for your career

No matter your role in the organization, developing effective facilitation skills will help you make your best contribution toward group endeavors and support others to do the same.

When navigating complicated or complex environments, groups need to be able to work together effectively to achieve common goals.

In such cases, skilled facilitation can really help but it needs more than a few formulaic processes. It also requires skills in communication, building and maintaining rapport, and understanding and managing group dynamics well.

Who is this course for?

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This learning journey focuses on

Three essential aspects of Artful Facilitation:

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    Mental models and patterns for facilitation

    Deepen your understanding of the facilitator role and learn about useful practices and tools that you can use to optimize participation and commitment, and achieve the desired results.

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    Personal development

    Learn more about your usual facilitation style, identify your key areas of challenge and discover new strategies to address them.

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    Practical experience

    Practice facilitating in a safe-to-fail environment, build fluency with S3 process patterns and learn from others as they do the same.

Prerequisite: completion of Sociocracy 3.0 Level 1 Program

Attendance in this course relies on the knowledge, understanding and experience you gain during the Level 1 Practitioner Program (which is comprised of the Foundations Course and the Practical Course).

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The masterclass provided an incredible opportunity for personal growth and improving communication and collaboration skills. It has profoundly impacted me as a facilitator, leader, and individual. I am excited to apply the lessons learned to further enable and support collaboration and shared responsibility and leadership in my organization. Overall, it was an intense and valuable experience that I will always cherish.

- Senior Manager - IT Consultancy Company

Your learning facilitators

Designing and delivering Sociocracy 3.0 courses together since 2015
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Lili David

Co-developer of Sociocracy 3.0, Lili combines a background in communications, business administration and events management with a growing experience as a trainer and mentor of Sociocracy 3.0. Her warmth, clarity, and practicality are complemented by her ability to create spaces where people collaborate effectively towards a shared purpose.

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James Priest

Co-founder and developer of Sociocracy 3.0, James spends his time helping people get the best out of S3. Besides the development and delivery of learning journeys, he works with people to improve productivity and engagement, increase business agility and grow resilient learning organizations where both the people and organization can thrive.