Sociocracy 3.0
for your organization

Develop the necessary competence and skills for you and your organization to get the best out of Sociocracy 3.0
Using Sociocracy 3.0 helps you figure out how to meet your organization’s biggest challenges, identify and respond effectively to the opportunities you face, and create the most value you can with the limited time, energy and resources you have available.
S3 patterns add value in any organizational context by complimenting what already works. They support an iterative, needs-centric approach to organizational development that enables you to move beyond the limitations of prescriptive methods and frameworks, to evolve your own, tailored made, fit-for-purpose approach.

While many S3 patterns appear quite simple, we’ve learned over the years that getting the best out of S3 requires an investment in learning and development.
We help you develop your own expertise.

Build internal experts

Our S3 Practitioner Program supports you to develop your own internal experts, reduce dependency on externals and take ownership of your journey with S3.

Practitioner Level 1

S3 Foundations Course

S3 Practical Course

Practitioner Level 2

Facilitation Masterclass

1 on 1 Coaching and Mentoring

Q&A Sessions and Intervision Calls

Verification of Learning

Grow company-wide expertise

Build valuable competencies and skills with our needs-centric, microlearning courses, designed to facilitate exactly the learning you need.

Topics can include:

Clarify the "Why"

The Seven Principles

Sense and Respond with S3

Clarify Domains and Develop Domains

The Basics of Effective Decision Making

Improving Meeting Effectiveness

Introducing Peer Reviews