Frequently Asked Questions

I want to learn about S3. Would you recommend to just start with the Foundations Course or to directly sign up to the whole Practitioner Level 1 program?

It really depends on your interest and needs.

The Foundations Course (first part of the Practitioner Level 1 program) covers the principles, key concepts and some of the key patterns from Sociocracy 3.0. If you want a thorough introduction into what S3 is, both practically speaking, and in terms of its underlying assumptions and the value it can bring to organizations, then this course will meet those needs.

You’ll also learn useful practices that you can apply right away, to improve collaboration, and your ability to respond effectively to the various challenges and opportunities you are facing. 

The Practical Course (second part of the Practitioner Level 1 program), is a highly experiential, 24 hour learning journey where you get to collaborate with peers to build your understanding and competence. As well as a deep dive into S3’s various process patterns for decision making and co-creation, you’ll also apply dozens of other Sociocracy 3.0 patterns to respond to a diversity of typical organizational needs. 

Alongside significantly advancing your understanding of S3, you also gain extensive experience using S3 patterns in a remote setting during 6 x 4 hour online sessions. If you’re interested in applying S3 patterns to any great extent in organizations and would like to learn how to go about that in an effective way, we highly recommend you consider joining the full Practitioner Level 1 program.

I might not be able to attend all the sessions in the Practitioner Level 1 Program. Is there any way to catch up with what I miss?

Firstly, all sessions are recorded. The recordings of the Foundation Course calls are unedited. For the Practical Course, all calls are edited and include an index of timestamps too.

The Foundations Course:

This course has 7 sessions in total and we encourage you to try and attend as many as you can.

The welcome call is especially helpful to attend because it's a chance to connect with other participants and there will be a lot of interaction with other participants throughout the call. We also answer questions about how to navigate through the course and get the best out of the journey.

The Q&A sessions are optional and if you don't have questions of your own then it is easy to catch up by listening to the recording later. You can even forward a question and we'll try to answer it in your absence. We approach these calls in a participatory way, so rather than us simply answering questions, we encourage others to share their own ideas and reflections on questions too. Participation is certainly worthwhile.

The other workshops are all highly participatory, with various exercises for experimenting with others around what you are learning. Attendance in these if at all possible would definitely be to your advantage and missing a session would impact your learning. But once again, the main room conversations will all be recorded if for some reason you cannot attend.

The Practical Course:

Because of the practical nature of these sessions and the fact that each session builds on the learning from the last, attendance in all 6 sessions is a mandatory requirement for completing the course. We can make an exception in case absence is unavoidable but it will necessitate finding another way to catch up with what was missed. We take situations like this on a case-by-case basis. 

What is “verification of learning” and how does it work?

Verification of learning provides practitioners with the option to track and evidence their learning and development. It’s a way of verifying for themselves and demonstrating to others, their growing competence and skills in applying Sociocracy 3.0. 

Both the new Practitioner Level 1 and Level 2 Programs include a verification track for practitioners to verify their learning along the way. This covers both the theoretical and practical aspects covered. 

We use a variety of assessment tools ranging from simple Q&A’s and practical assignments, to occasional written work, and iterative self-led assessments for tracking and evidencing learning and development along the way. Practitioners receive feedback on both their written and practical work. We work with practitioners to identify specific areas that would be beneficial to focus on and support them to integrate feedback to attain the learning outcomes for each program they attend. 

I attended the previous LearnS3 Practitioner level 1 Course. How can I catch-up with the new version of this course?

Over the years, dozens of practitioners attended the old LearnS3 Practitioner Level 1 course more than once. Every one of them reported it was so worthwhile and they learned so much more.

If you want to refresh and brush-up your skills in S3, we highly recommend going through the new Practitioner Level 1 program. Of course, there will be some repetition, but that’s one of the ways in which we learn. 

Because we want to encourage and support your investment in learning, we’re also happy to offer you a 10% discount from the full price or the early bird price (depending on the date you book). To benefit from this discount, simply include in the registration form when you completed the previous LearnS3 Practitioner Level 1 Course. 

If you consider yourself pretty fluent in Sociocracy 3.0 already but you’re interested in identifying gaps in your learning and the unknown unknowns, you might want to consider verifying your learning instead.

What’s the difference between the old LearnS3 Practitioner Level 2 Course and the new Practitioner Level 2 Program?

Actually, most things are different! 

The old version of the course was a 3 days face-to-face experience that brought together people with various levels of understanding and experience. Although it was a deep, nourishing and enjoyable experience for participants, it was a challenge to meet the diversity of needs each participant had to deepen understanding and develop fluency and skills with Sociocracy 3.0, in such a condensed time-frame. 

One important difference is that everyone attending this course will have already demonstrated having attained a moderate level of knowledge, understanding and experience of applying Sociocracy 3.0. This is guaranteed by the fact that completing the verification of learning element of the new Practitioner Level 1 program is a necessary prerequisite for participating in this Level 2 program. 

Another significant difference is in how the program is structured. To enable deep integration of learning, this new comprehensive online program is spread out across several months and contains a combination of: 

- practical sessions focused on participating in and facilitating S3 process patterns
- one-on-one coaching and mentoring that supports participants in identify areas of development and taking the necessary steps to make progress
- group intervision where practitioners explore together specific examples of cases and learn how to make interventions that support one another in their journey with S3.

Finally, participants will be able to track and verify their learning along the way, to identify gaps or misunderstanding and through feedback and reflection, improve their practice. Completion of this course is achieved by practitioners being able to demonstrate to themselves and others that all the learning outcomes have been met and we’re there to help them, every step of the way.

I attended the previous Practitioner Level 2 Course. How does this segue with the new Practitioner Level 2 Program?

Are you convinced of the potential that Sociocracy 3.0 has, but struggle to convey it to others?
Do you feel unclear or unsure at times when you are facilitating S3 processes? 
Are you applying Sociocracy 3.0 with your clients and realize you have some gaps in understanding or in need for support and feedback? 
Would you like to brush up on your skills facilitating S3 process patterns and helping others do the same?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, we wholeheartedly recommend you consider attending the new Practitioner Level 2 Program (whether you attended the LearnS3 Level 2 Course or not). This program is designed to help you develop in those areas where you need it most, while benefiting from specialist and peer support every step of the way. 

To participate in this program, you’ll need to demonstrate that you are already fluent with the topics we cover in the Practitioner Level 1 program. If you already feel confident in your understanding and practice with Sociocracy 3.0 patterns and prefer not to attend the new Level 1 program, you have the option to just complete the corresponding verification of learning.

Is it worth verifying my learning if I previously attended the old LearnS3 Practitioner Level 1 Course?

If you attended the previous LearnS3 Practitioner Level 1 Course, you have the option to verify your learning without needing to go through the new Practitioner Level 1 program. We recommend you consider choosing this option if you already feel confident in your understanding and practice of Sociocracy 3.0 patterns and principles and would like to discover for yourself, the scope of what you’ve learned. 

Because supporting you to go through this process entails some hours of work from our side, this option does include a fee and it will be available later this year. If you’re interested in this, please contact us and we’ll let you know your options.

I attended the old LearnS3 Practitioner Level 2 Course. Can I just verify my learning for the new Level 2 program without attending?

No. This new Level 2 program is a more advanced learning journey and delivers many more learning outcomes than the previous level 1 course. Evidencing learning for this program requires your full participation.

However, the new Practitioner Level 1 program covers the majority of learning outcomes that were previously delivered through the old Level 1 and Level 2 courses. So, if you already feel confident in your understanding and practice with S3 patterns you learned during those courses and would like to verify learning for yourself, you do have the option to complete the verification of learning for Level 1 without needing to attend the full Level 1 program again.

What happened to LearnS3?

In June 2019 we launched LearnS3 and joined forces with a few others who were already active helping people to learn about Sociocracy 3.0. 

Recently however, we decided to end this initiative and to take a new approach. This comes as a natural conclusion and without hard feelings, simply by observing and honoring what emerged in contrast with what we had set out to do. If you're curious to know more about why and what we all learned, you can check out this article.

For general information about the Academy, please check out our about page.

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