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Course Registration Agreement

We do not like bureaucracy, but we do like clarity and transparency. That is why we would like to clarify a few things about our courses.

By registering for the training, you agree to the points below.

1. Payment in advance

Organizing a training entails some fixed costs. That is why we arrange the payment of your participation in advance.  

2. Cancellation Policy

To organize the training, we have some expenses in advance, especially for the location. The closer the training date approaches, the greater our risk of not being able to fill a vacant place due to cancellation. These are our guidelines for cancellations:

- Up to four weeks before the training: no cancellation costs

- Four to two weeks before the training: payment of 20% of course fee (cost reimbursement)

- Within two weeks before the training: payment of 50% of the course fee

We do everything we can to ensure that the training takes place, but there may be unexpected circumstances in which that is not possible, for example due to the illness of the trainers, too few participants or problems with the location. That is why we reserve the right to cancel or reschedule the training. If that happens, then as a participant you are of course entitled to a full refund of what you have already paid.

3. Transferring tickets

You can always transfer your participation in the training to another person at no extra cost.

If you believe your situation is exceptional and you’d like to renegotiate these terms, please write to us at We pride ourselves to be reasonable and flexible people. We’ll consider your specific situation and request and get back to you at our earliest convenience.


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